Jolie's Chinese Traditional Food Inc



Jolie's goal is to give people an opportunity to experience a great part of her Chinese culture minus food coloring, fried and greasy food. 

As she looks to help transform the way people eat, creating a healthier and stronger immune system, Zhou brings China to Buffalo in a way that satisfies the soul. 

Delicious Dumplings

Our  Traditional  Products  Menu:

A) Jolie's authentic Handmade Dumplings

1. Pork & Chives Dumplings: $8.00/Doz

2. Chicken & Green Onion Dumplings: $8.00/Doz

3. Beef & Ginger Dumplings: $8.00/Doz

4. Veggie Dumpling( Napa Cabbage, Mushrooms, Chives): $9.00/Doz

5. Shrimp Dumplings: $10.00/Doz 

6. Gluten free shrimp Dumplings: $10.00/Doz

B) Handmade Chicken Soup Wontons: $7.00/Doz

C) Jolie's Homemade Kimchi: $12.00/ Jar

D) Homemade Kidney Bean Paste Pan Cake: $3.50/each

E) Jolie's Super Eggrolls     

1. Vegie Eggrolls: $3.00/ea, $10.00/Pack/4

2. Jumbo Shrimp Eggrolls: $3.50/ea, $12.00/Pack/4

F) Breakfast Meat Pie: $9.00/3

G) Crab & Pork Meat Bun: $8.00/Doz

H) Pork Sweet Meat Bun: $8.00/Doz

I) Dim Sum Pack (Dumplings, Lobster Ball, Soup Meat Bun): $9.00/Doz

J) Jolie's Home made Kimchi: $12.00/jar

K) Homemade Dipping Sauce: $3.50/bottle

L) Jolie's Spicy Beef Jerky: $5.00/pack

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